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Pure Water

What Is Pure Water

The majority of South East England falls within a region of hard water, primarily due to the fact of calcium and magnesium minerals. These minerals tend to precipitate and form “scale” or mineral deposits when the water is heated, adversely affecting the functionality of household appliances. These scale deposits can also spoil the appearance of bathrooms and kitchens, proving challenging to remove. Additionally, hard water tends to hinder the lathering of soaps and detergents, leading to increased usage and the formation of a soapy film or scum residue.

A similar situation can be seen when cleaning windows yourself, as you may have noticed the formation of small white dots as the water dries.

The process of producing pure water involves an initial purification step known as reverse osmosis. This method effectively eliminates all minerals and impurities present in regular water. It entails the water passing through a series of pre-filters and subsequently through three RO membranes, resulting in water with a concentration of approximately 010 parts per million (ppm). A final step utilising de-ionisation resin completes the purification process, reducing the water’s mineral content to 000ppm, ensuring it is 100% pure.

Pure water obtained through reverse osmosis serves as a natural and eco-friendly cleaning agent. With impurities removed, it becomes highly effective at absorbing dirt and grime while breaking down any other deposits.

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